Aldbury, The Avengers and me

Something this week has compelled to go off on a tandem somewhat – please indulge me as I tell this little story….

I was born too late to appreciate the 60s, but I’ve always had a very strong interest in all things to do with the era, and I know it stems from one evening as a child looking through my parents’ vinyl record collection and coming across an album with a cover which fascinated me – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. I played it, played it and played it until I knew every word, every drum fill, every nuance. I can honestly say I was totally hooked. This developed into a small obsession (as much as an obsession can be small…) with The Beatles, the music, fashion, film, television, history and absolutely anything else that happened during that decade in Britain and more specifically, London.

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