Charley and Grant’s wedding in St. Bride’s Church, London

I was delighted when Charley’s Dad, Paul - who I knew through my previous job - booked me to document his daughter Charley’s wedding, especially as it gave me the opportunity to shoot in the beautiful St. Bride’s Church off London’s Fleet Street - the area which used to house the headquarters of all the […]

Poundon House wedding photography - Katy and Sam

Poundon House in Oxfordshire is a beautiful old house in a small village, surrounded by countryside. There is a wonderful, huge reception marquee which can cater for hundreds of wedding guests so a Poundon House wedding is always a large affair! Being a regular Poundon House wedding photographer, I have a great understanding of the […]

Personal work - shot on film in the great British summer

I have recently spent a lot of time shooting personal work as I believe it’s the best way to stay fresh and focused with photography. What I find in doing this is that I tend to shoot static objects and landscapes much more than I do as a wedding and portrait photographer, where the emphasis […]

Film Is Not Dead - some images by Jonathan Canlas

It’s not often you’ll catch the species known as the Lesser-Spotted-Photographer in front of a camera having their photos taken. It’s just not in their nature. So it’s all the more astonishing that the maestro of film photography known as Jonathan Canlas managed to get all of us on the recent FIND course in Ibiza […]

Preview - Fanhams Hall Hotel wedding photographer & my first wedding images on film

After the inspiration that was the Film Is Not Dead workshop which I attended in September, (see my blog post about it here) I decided to take along my medium format SLR camera with me to my last wedding of the year and take a couple of shots. Film really is so much more flattering to […]

Film Is Not Dead - a workshop in Ibiza, Spain

On the recommendation of a friend who’d attended Utah film photographer Jonathan Canlas’ workshop Film Is Not Dead, I booked onto the Ibiza workshop earlier this year, not really knowing whether I’d ever be using film in my work as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve attended a variety of workshops in the past, just […]

The joy of film - part two

Having just added a Contax G2 to my Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera, I ran a couple of rolls of film through both and took some shots out in our garden. (See Part 1 of this post here) They’re nothing special - some images of our cats (Sapphire, Wellington and Rupert - in the […]