The joy of film - part two

Having just added a Contax G2 to my Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera, I ran a couple of rolls of film through both and took some shots out in our garden. (See Part 1 of this post here)

They’re nothing special - some images of our cats (Sapphire, Wellington and Rupert - in the order they appear), the shed, the general untidiness that passes for our garden these days - but it’s great fun waiting for the negatives to arrive after finishing a roll and I love seeing the softness to the images  - film is also more forgiving than digital so even if you unintentionally make a mistake with the exposure, it’s still useable (unbeknown to me, the battery died halfway through the roll in the Bronica, meaning it took all the shots at 500/sec - on digital they would have been massively underexposed but with film? See for yourselves…)

I’m not shooting weddings on film (yet) but if you like the look of these images and would like to have your eshoot on film, please contact me. You don’t have to be a wedding client  - you may simply like a shoot with your partner just for the experience - get in touch!

First up, some shots taken with the beautifully made Conatx G2 rangefinder 35mm with Carl Zeiss lenses (best in the world) on Kodak Portra 400…

And now, the glorious medium-format, almost 3D quality, 6×4.5cm negative, Bronica with waist level viewfinder and 75mm PE lens. taken on Fuji Pro400H film…

Hertford County Hall on a sunny Sunday morning from a couple of years ago…

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  1. Great images Kim. Loving how film almost renders the subject three dimensional. I’m resisting buying one at the moment but seeing these is testing my BUY NOW clicking!

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