Personal work - shot on film in the great British summer

I have recently spent a lot of time shooting personal work as I believe it’s the best way to stay fresh and focused with photography. What I find in doing this is that I tend to shoot static objects and landscapes much more than I do as a wedding and portrait photographer, where the emphasis […]

Miami, Little Havana and St. Augustine - January 2013

Morning all! I wanted to blog some travel images that are a bit different from my usual content - I and my husband spent a couple of weeks in the US in January (getting away by the skin of our teeth on the same day that snow brought the UK’s airports to a standstill). We […]

Film Is Not Dead - some images by Jonathan Canlas

It’s not often you’ll catch the species known as the Lesser-Spotted-Photographer in front of a camera having their photos taken. It’s just not in their nature. So it’s all the more astonishing that the maestro of film photography known as Jonathan Canlas managed to get all of us on the recent FIND course in Ibiza […]

Film Is Not Dead - a workshop in Ibiza, Spain

On the recommendation of a friend who’d attended Utah film photographer Jonathan Canlas’ workshop Film Is Not Dead, I booked onto the Ibiza workshop earlier this year, not really knowing whether I’d ever be using film in my work as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve attended a variety of workshops in the past, just […]

The joy of film - part two

Having just added a Contax G2 to my Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera, I ran a couple of rolls of film through both and took some shots out in our garden. (See Part 1 of this post here) They’re nothing special - some images of our cats (Sapphire, Wellington and Rupert - in the […]

Sorrento, Italy and a few days off!

I was lucky to have a few days free a week or so ago and after the nasty winter in the UK, Brian and I decided to hop over to the Amalfi coast in Italy for a few days of warm sunshine and glorious landscapes - and it didn’t disappoint! Travelling around we visited Positano, […]

Holiday snaps

I’m currently on a well-deserved holiday in the sun but of course as a dedicated photographer, I couldn’t very well leave home without my trusty Canon G11 camera! I’m driving hubby mad - not so much with the piccie-taking but the post-processing and blogging - “We’re on holiday, for heaven’s sake, can’t you leave that […]

And now for something completely different….

Just for a change, I thought I’d blog on something completely away from photography - walking. Yes, we all do it every day of our lives, but I’m talking about cross-country walking. It’s something me and hubbs (Brian) are really into and we’re lucky enough to live just far enough outside London to have loads of countryside around us or […]