New camera equipment purchase!

I say new - it’s actually about 20-odd years old, but I already love it and I haven’t even shot anything with it yet! This was an impulse purchase on Ebay this week - I’ve never used a Polaroid camera before (but have featured in plenty, growing up with photographers for parents) but I’ve always loved the kitsch look to the images they produce so I had a quick whizz around the web and discovered that this model was pretty damn good. It has autofocus (at 4ft and further - any nearer and things are gonna look a bit fuzzy) and (gulp) a built-in flash! The Polaroid 600 film is not being manufactured any more (however, after a long campaign by its supporters it will re-enter production next year) but I managed to find some for sale online with a use by date of Nov 09 - should be interesting.

As yet, I am planning to ration my use of the beast, as the film is bloomin’ expensive but I think it will be useful for the odd kooky and fun shot of couples prior to the ‘real’ shoot, whether it be a pre-wed or a wedding.

Here’s an image of the beast I took earlier - no, it’s not taken with another Polaroid camera - I’ve just ‘mocked’ it up to look like it was. It looks like something out of 1978! Hang on, it is something out of 1978…..


5D Mark II

This weekend I have two weddings booked and a further wedding on Tuesday to shoot. Two of the venues are fairly gloomy inside - both featuring oak panelling. With this in mind, I have taken the step of hiring  a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. I already own and love my 5D and 40D cameras, but I felt that to make the most of the very high ISO and low noise on images that the new model offers would be the sensible thing to do - the new model has a larger sensor size and double the count of pixels than the MK I.

My clients and their wedding images are what matters to me and doing whatever it takes to get the images they want and deserve is just part of the 1st class service I offer all my couples. Also secretly, I’m rather excited by the prospect of using this beast, and I can’t wait to share some of the resulting images with you next week!