A Caswell House wedding - Beth and Tom

Well, what a fantastic day everybody had last Saturday - the weather was beautiful, the venue is stunning and Beth and Tom looked fantastic wherever I took them! There were loads of little quircky details, including a cake table that showcased their guests’ homemade cakes, mismatched tea sets for the tea party which followed the speeches and a giant teacup, created in the mad mind of Beth’s brother-in-law! Please enjoy some images from this wonderfully fun and enjoyable wedding….

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A featured wedding on the fab Rock n Roll Bride blog!

I held off blogging this wedding, as I knew Kat Williams of RocknRollBride wanted to feature it…consequently, it slipped my mind to either feature the wedding myself (which seemed a bit pointless, after RNRB) or mention the fact that it was on there in the first place! This puts things right, finally.

I have had stuff featured on RnRB in the past, and am very pleased to say that I am now one of Kat’s approved vendors…which means when my website relaunches in a week or so (for it is being re-designed as I type), there’ll be a big RnRB logo on the home page to state this fact!

This civil partnership, which I shot at the very swish Mayfair Hotel in London was between Ashley and Ray, whose very fun e-shoot I did in a cold and windy Southend and it featured at the end of last year on this blog. Ashley is a keen reader of the RnRB blog, so was heavily inspired by that - she had loads of little features at the wedding that she’d adapted from things that Kat had blogged. The really unique touch was what they used to cut their cake - it was a ceremonial sword, lent to them by a friend who’d graduated from the military academy Sandhurst as an Army officer. Ashley and Ray were also keen to book my photobooth, which went down a storm, as it always does! Here are some screengrabs from Kat’s blog but if you’d like to see the full post in all its glory, please click here

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An e-shoot with Kerry and Lewis in Hitchin

These two are a bit crazy. I like that in people. Lewis is also mad on music, which I also like as I’m a bit of a music buff too. When we first met at their home, poor old Kerry had a rotten cold and was in her pyjamas - I’m pleased to say they were both on top form last week when we met for their e-shoot. These two are laughing and having fun all the time, which shows in their photographs.

They’d chosen to have their shoot in Hitchin, which is a nice little town in Hertfordshire but I was a bit wary as to whether I’d be able to find enough good locations to shoot - but there were loads, and they were great, ranging from the marketplace (where Kerry bought her pride and joy - the green urn you see her proudly posing with at the end) to random doorways and alleys.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year at South Farm, because if this shoot was anything to go by, it’s going to be a blast! Please enjoy their images…

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Aldbury, The Avengers and me

Something this week has compelled to go off on a tandem somewhat – please indulge me as I tell this little story….

I was born too late to appreciate the 60s, but I’ve always had a very strong interest in all things to do with the era, and I know it stems from one evening as a child looking through my parents’ vinyl record collection and coming across an album with a cover which fascinated me – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. I played it, played it and played it until I knew every word, every drum fill, every nuance. I can honestly say I was totally hooked. This developed into a small obsession (as much as an obsession can be small…) with The Beatles, the music, fashion, film, television, history and absolutely anything else that happened during that decade in Britain and more specifically, London.

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Exploring Ashridge Forest with Pia and Ian

I met Pia and Ian last Sunday in their chosen spot for their e-shoot. They specifically wanted some shots in Ashridge Forest (in the beautiful Vale of Aylesbury) with some bluebells before they disappeared until next year. As is my wont, I also found some other interesting and out of the way spots, which I find make great places for some more unusual photographs. The couple look fab together and yes, Pia has been told loads of times that she looks like Myleene Klass! Please enjoy their shoot….

Publishing this today leads me to big up tomorrow’s blog post, which will be a personal rambing to do with…well, you’ll just have to visit here and find out, won’t you?

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Borough Market - a London e-shoot with Nicole and Gary

Last Thursday (the eve of THAT wedding) I met again with Nicole and Gary, who tie the knot later this year with a country wedding. They chose to have their shoot in and around Borough Market near London Bridge, as they both used to live around there.

While I waited for them to arrive, I took a few shots of the surroundings and some bits of the market, which is all food based - and delicious food it is, too - I recommend a trip there if you’ve never been!

Anyway, here are some of Nicole and Gary’s images - and I hope you love ‘em! Oh, and just a word of warning…if you love meringues but are on a diet, look away now!

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Wimpole Hall e-shoot with Alex and Karl

I met up with Alex and Karl a few weeks ago at the National Trust estate of Wimpole Hall as the weather had just started to warm up and it made for some fantastic light with which to capture them both.

The grounds were just coming into bloom and there was beautiful pink blossom everywhere you looked - but I still managed to use some more of the less salubrious areas - photographing them against the backdrop of farm machinery - something Karl wanted to do, as he works in farming.

Alex is a keen amateur photographer and has had some experience of posing before at Uni - she’s a natural! Karl is a rugby player and is just as photogenic. They get married later this year and it’s going to be a good ‘un!

Here are some of their images….

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