Your Herts/Beds Wedding magazine - now with added Kim Hawkins Wedding Photography!

I do love a chance to blow my own trumpet and I am very pleased to tell you that one of my weddings from 2009 is being featured in the latest issue of the magazine, which is on sale now and for the next two months.

Editor Lisa told me she thought Rob and Laura were a ‘stunning couple’ and obviously I agree and think they look fantastic across the pages. But that’s not all - the cover image of this issue is also one of my brides - Becki, who married Matt last month and whose image was chosen specifically for the cover by Lisa.

The magazine, as well as being on sale in shops, now goes to all the wedding fairs in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and will also be on sale at the National Wedding Show at Earls Court in October, so my name and images will be seen far and wide - I am just so chuffed!

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Keira and Matt - a village wedding

The wedding of Keira and Matt took place last Saturday in a tiny hamlet called Lemsford, in Hertfordshire. Consisting of little more than a few homes and a primary school and sitting right next to the glamorous Brocket Hall, Lemsford Church is a beautiful place to get married and because it was such a glorious day (again - sorry folks, I know it’s getting boring!) the light flooding into the church was fantastic and made for some great shots while the service was going on.

After the wedding, the couple went for a ride in their carriage drawn by two lovely dappled grey horses and arrived back in time to have some portrait shots taken in and around Lemsford village - I also used the entrance driveway to Brocket Hall, but don’t tell anyone!

Here’s a selection of images from their day.
Keira and Matt wedding-26Keira and Matt wedding-15Keira and Matt wedding-56Keira and Matt wedding-301Keira and Matt wedding-63Keira and Matt wedding-29
Keira and Matt wedding-74b
Keira and Matt wedding-155Keira and Matt wedding-103
Keira and Matt wedding-151Keira and Matt wedding-216
Keira and Matt wedding-221
Keira and Matt wedding-236Keira and Matt wedding-238
Keira and Matt wedding-248Keira and Matt wedding-253
Keira and Matt wedding-268bKeira and Matt wedding-272b
Keira and Matt wedding-274b
Keira and Matt wedding-322b

Nichola and John's wedding at Leez Priory

After a few hours sleep after Louise and Richard’s wedding on Saturday, I was up early on Sunday and off to deepest Essex where Leez Priory is to be found. Once again the weather was glorious and allowed an outside ceremony, held in the shadow of the gatehouse. Nichola looked beautiful in her elegant dress, along with a bouquet of white roses with black feathers, which was her colour scheme. Leez Priory provides beautiful backdrops with style - I was spoiled for choice for the bride and groom portraits and you see just a few here. The little boy asleep is Nichola and John’s son, Harry, who didn’t seem to realise what all the fuss was about!

Nichola and John-8Nichola and John-44Nicky and John wedding-26bNicky and John wedding-57bNichola and John-52Nichola and John-45Nichola and John-175Nichola and John-62bNichola and John-87Nichola and John-81b
Nichola and John-145Nichola and John-172Nichola and John-180Nichola and John-181Nichola and John-198Nichola and John-242Nichola and John-219Nichola and John-250Nichola and John-251Nicky and John wedding-140b

Louise and Richard - a late summer wedding in Essex

This past weekend was an extremely busy one for me with weddings on both days. Saturday saw me in Waltham Cross and Old Harlow village for the wedding of Louise and Richard. The weather gods were smiling again as we enjoyed warm sunshine pretty much all day. The wedding took place in a characterful little hotel in Old Harlow which itself is a lovely little village and nothing at all like its new town namesake down the road. For some of the portrait shots of Louise and Richard I used some of the colourful backgrounds of the the high street. Avery emotional wedding, here are some of their images from the day.

The blog of Sunday’s wedding at Leez Priory to come soon…….

Louise and Richard-5Louise and Richard-13Louise and Richard-24Louise and Richard-29Louise and Richard-35Louise and Richard-44Louise and Richard-56Louise and Richard-59Louise and Richard-66Louise and Richard-82Louise and Richard-166Louise and Richard-170Louise and Richard-178Louise and Richard-187Louise and Richard-189Louise and Richard-259

The end of boring slideshows!

I have been working on this promo slideshow to show prospective clients for a couple of weeks and I’m excited to be able to share it with you!

I am now able to offer all my clients a slideshow like this one set to the music of their choice and burned onto DVD (in high-resolution format - the one shown here is optimised for the web).

You can have your pre-wedding shoot and/or your wedding images included and best of all, the cost is just £30. Imaging settling down with a glass of wine and sharing your images with your friends and families in the most exciting and engaging way - miles away from those old, boring Powerpoint slideshows of the past!

Please enjoy some of Kim and Pete’s wedding images like you’ve never seen them before…..

[wpvideo T3MxV4FH]

Camilla and David - a wedding at the Tower of London

Saturday saw me back in London for the wedding of Camilla and David in the chapel of the Tower of London - one of the most exciting venues at which I’ve ever photographed a wedding.  Added to the excitement of the location, after the ceremony, hundreds of tourists watched and clapped proceedings, and the event was topped by a piper from the London Scottish Regiment playing the bagpipes as we all made our way through the Tower and out into Trinity Square, where we boarded a vintage Routemaster bus back to Camilla and David’s house for the reception.

Just for a change, I’ve posted loads of candid shots here, showing everyone simply enjoying the day.

Camilla and David-1Camilla and David-2Camilla and david-4Camilla and David-5Camilla and David-6Camilla and David-7Camilla and David-8Camilla and David-9Camilla and David-10Camilla and David-11Camilla and David-12Camilla and David-13Camilla and David-14Camilla and David-15Camilla and David-16Camilla and David-17Camilla and David-18Camilla and David-19Camilla and David-20Camilla and David-22Camilla and David-23Camilla and David-24Camilla and David-25Camilla and David-26Camilla and David-27Camilla and David-28

Kim and Pete - a London wedding

Yesterday Kim and Pete tied the knot in the elegant surroundings of Pembroke Lodge which lies within the glorious Richmond Park in West London. As forecast, the weather stayed sunny all day and gave us some beautiful light for the portrait shots of the two of them in the grounds. Being a slightly unconventional couple, Kim and Pete went for an unconventional cake - it was made completely of cheese - and asked their guests not for gifts but to donate to various Oxfam projects. It was a fantastic day and I loved shooting them and their guests having a great time. By the way, the shot of the two of them walking back down the aisle after being married shows them boogying to Morecambe and Wise’s theme tune  ’Bring me Sunshine’, which was being played on trumpet by one of their friends!

Kim and Pete wedding-1Kim and Pete wedding-2Kim and Pete wedding-4Kim and Pete wedding-9Kim and Pete wedding-24
Kim and Pete wedding-28Kim and Pete wedding-34Kim and Pete wedding-47Kim and Pete wedding-62Kim and Pete wedding-63Kim and Pete wedding-64Kim and Pete wedding-65Kim and Pete wedding-68Kim and Pete wedding-71Kim and Pete wedding-73Kim and Pete wedding-75Kim and Pete wedding-1-2

Nichola and John - pre-wedding shoot

Nichola is actually my hairdresser. I had, after over a year of growing my hair and realising I was getting fed up with it, decided to have it cut shorter again and made an appointment. When I arrived, Nichola told me she and John were finally getting married and guess what? They didn’t have a photographer. It turned out she had been trying to get in touch with me but didn’t know my surname and only had my old mobile phone number on record, so it was amazing that I decided to pop in when I did!

Anyway, enough of the spooky coincidence - the three of us met up yesterday in Winchmore Hill in North London to get some great informal shots of the two of them prior to their wedding on the 20th at Leez Priory in Essex - a beautiful venue to get married in. Afterwards we had the pre-wedding meeting in a lovely local pub over a drink - a perfect ending to a great photoshoot! Here are some of their images.

Nichola and John-16Nichola and John-26Nichola and John-2Nichola and John-5Nichola and John-63Nichola and John-25Nichola and John-71Nichola and John-77Nichola and John-74