A city of London engagement shoot with Katy and Sam

Prior to their wedding at the wonderful Poundon House, I undertook a city of London engagement shoot with Katy and Sam. On a beautiful spring day, we headed out and around, looking for little nooks and crannies and pockets of lovely light. Because they’re so natural and photogenic, I actually had to do very little work to capture these images of them :)

Katy & Sam engagement-1 Katy & Sam engagement-2 Katy & Sam engagement-3

Katy & Sam engagement-4 Katy & Sam engagement-5 Katy & Sam engagement-6 Katy & Sam engagement-7 Katy & Sam engagement-9 Katy & Sam engagement-10 Katy & Sam engagement-11 Katy & Sam engagement-12 Katy & Sam engagement-13 Katy & Sam engagement-14 Katy & Sam engagement-15 Katy & Sam engagement-16 Katy & Sam engagement-17 Katy & Sam engagement-18 Katy & Sam engagement-19 Katy & Sam engagement-20 Katy & Sam engagement-21 Katy & Sam engagement-21a

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