Food photographer UK - Rebecca Kane and Shine On Raw

I was absolutely delighted to be commissioned recently by a lady called Rebecca Kane to photograph the wonderful food she produces as part of a movement which features nothing but raw food - and by raw, I mean totally uncooked. Although I undertake a huge variety of commercial work outside of my portrait and wedding photography, this was a bit of a departure from usual and I thoroughly enjoyed it, shooting with a macro lens and studio lighting to achieve the look Rebecca wanted - the food had to look as tasty as possible (which was very easy thanks to Rebecca’s beautiful food and immaculate presentation, to be honest!)

I drove up to Rebecca’s house in Stoke on Trent and over two days photographed a huge variety of flavoured waters, salads, smoothies, vegetables, pastas, chocolates and soups - it was mouth-watering! It also astounded me as to how the dishes were created and presented with absolutely no cooking whatsover. The book has since been published and you can order it and see more of Rebecca’s work at her website, Shine On Raw, by clicking here

I dare you to view these images and not begin to feel a bit peckish :) To begin with, here’s Rebecca herself, in her wonderful kitchen…

Shine on RAW-1038 Shine on RAW-1039 Shine on RAW-1058

Shine on RAW-1073 Shine on RAW-1090 Shine on RAW-1091 Shine on RAW-1098 Shine on RAW-1113 Shine on RAW-1119 Shine on RAW-1149 Shine on RAW-1185 Shine on RAW-1208 Shine on RAW-1242 Shine on RAW-1298 Shine on RAW-1299 Shine on RAW-1300 Shine on RAW-1301 Shine on RAW-1302 Shine on RAW-1303 Shine on RAW-1304 Shine on RAW-1305 Shine on RAW-1306

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