Juliet and Bryan’s summer farm wedding in Hertfordshire

Juliet and Bryan’s big day took place in the village and on the farm where Juliet’s family live, with the wedding service itself held in the beautiful local church where previous generations of her family had been married. When I met up with the couple to do a recce of their locations, I was very excited to hear that they wanted to get some within the farmyard and I think at some point I asked if they had a tractor anywhere. The answer was yes and they loved the idea of travelling to and from the church/farm for their portraits on the mini-tractor laid up in one of the sheds - Bryan decided that his Best Man would drive it! Bryan is South African but has Scottish ties, so he decided to wear a kilt, along with his best man Ryan - both of whom looked very smart and dashing!

It goes without saying that I absolutely loved every minute of this wedding (even after I twisted my ankle and spent the evening hobbling around on a crutch lent to me by the mother of the bride!) Second shooting with me was my good friend Jon Mold, who captured all the boys’ getting-ready shots shown here. Please enjoy this selection…


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  1. Kim, your work is a constant ‘wow’ to me and an inspiration to the very small amount of photography I do. I just CAN’T WAIT for when you are our own wedding photographer for the day of myself and Clive in August this year!
    Lots of love, Sharon xx

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