First look - Charlotte & Lester at Northbrook Park

Well, what can I say about this wedding? There was a blizzard in the morning and I had to abandon my car halfway up the venue’s driveway! Northbrook Park is a beautiful place but there were so many hitches on the day, caused by the snow - sadly, many guests were either late and missed the ceremony or didn’t make it at all and the caterers only arrived at the last minute but still valiantly managed to get all the food cooked in time for the wedding breakfast! Northbrook Park were also having power problems that day, so the meal was held in the Vine Room in candlelight, which made it look even more Christmassy!

Here’s a first look at some of Charlotte and Lester’s images…

2 Responses to First look - Charlotte & Lester at Northbrook Park

  1. Certainly looks like I’m a lucky man Kim! Love the black and white image of my Wife :-) Looking forward to seeing the rest - in the warmth, away from any snow!

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