First look - Abbie and Matt at Tuddenham Mill, Suffolk

This was my third wedding at t’Mill in two months - it’s such a beautiful place to get married and have a great party, even when it IS freezing cold as it was last Friday when Abbie and Matt tied the knot! They also booked my photobooth, which was the most succesful one I’ve ever done and I didn’t stop shooting from start to finish! Shots from that are yet to come - Abbie and Matt’s guests - be warned!

First up, Abbie’s absolutely gorgeous Jenny Packham dress…

14 thoughts on “First look - Abbie and Matt at Tuddenham Mill, Suffolk

  1. Hi Kim

    Of course I’m going to biased, being mother of the Groom but the taster pictures are outstanding. Abbie looks so beautiful along with my handsome son. We knew the wedding pictures were going to be very special when we saw the pre-wedding shoot pictures.

    Thank you Kim, for making Matt & Abbie’s day even more special with your outstanding pictures which they (and us) will be a reminder of such a wonderful day.

    Thank you. Franca

  2. Kim, these look fab! I LOVE that one in the photobooth with the polaroids. Soooo glad we have booked the photobooth too. Can’t wait to see Matt and Abbie’s photobooth pics now you’ve whetted our appetites for them!

  3. Blimey! Kim these are fabulous! Thank you!

    You are incredibly talented (as our guests keep telling us but we already know). Our big day was absolutely perfect and we are so chuffed you were there to take your amazing photos to help us remember it by!

    Both you and Jon were so great on the day, especially as we inadvertently set you the challenge of a freezing cold day, 45 mins for photos and very little daylight! Apologies!

    The photobooth went down a storm. Hope we didn’t wear you out. We cannot wait to see the photos!!!

    Be in touch soon, Matt & Abbie

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