Liz and Kevin's wedding at the Grim's Dyke Hotel

I used to work in the same company as Liz and when she’d heard I was now a wedding photographer, she got in touch and booked me for her wedding, which took place last weekend. She and Kevin are both mad keen into fitness and met doing an extreme race a couple of years ago. The location for the wedding, the Grim’s Dyke Hotel is tucked away within its own beautiful grounds in North West London and was the home of W.S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame.

The grounds were in full bloom on the day, and even though the weather was hot and humid, we avoided any rain - thankfully, as there was a barbeque on the lawn after the wedding ceremony! Liz and Kevin kindly made me a guest during the evening, which allowed me to catch up with some friends from the days when we all worked in Harrow on the Hill.

This a detail of the fierce-looking fireplace in the main ceremony room. What’s it meant to depict….the devil or a friendly fawn…?

One thought on “Liz and Kevin's wedding at the Grim's Dyke Hotel

  1. Hi Kim,

    Well, we managed to get hold of a laptop in our hotel in Cyprus, whilst on our Honeymoon! The photos are wonderful - once again we’re both really impressed. We just wish to reinterate our thanks for a great job, and making it such an enjoyable experience.

    Speak when we get back.

    Take care.

    Liz & Kevin

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