Skye and Liam - a Halloween wedding

Saturday 31st October was Halloween and I had the absolute pleasure of shooting the wedding of Skye and Liam at a very beautiful venue called South Farm in Cambridgeshire. The venue itself is a working farm and one of the pigs had just had 12 spotted piglets, which were running around in their pen like mad things with all the excitement. Also in the grounds were some vintage Romany caravans and an old steam engine - all of which got my creative juices flowing and I made good use of all of them.

For their Halloween theme, Skye and Liam had informed all their guests that there would be a pumpkin carving competition, thinking most would not bother - on the day, almost every guest brought along a unique and amusing carved pumpkin, the display of which took up one nearly length of the barn in which the reception took place! There were loads of lovely little details at this wedding, including a message tree with ‘leaves’ for people to write on and attach to the branches and everyone was given a masquerade mask for the dancing. All the details were unique and special to Skye and Liam, and you’ll see some of them in this selection of their images. Enjoy!

Skye & Liam-27DPP_1000Skye & Liam-148Skye and Liam-3Skye & Liam-157Skye & Liam-178Skye and Liam-7Skye & Liam-186Skye & Liam-179Skye and Liam-16Skye and Liam-25Skye and Liam-24Skye and Liam-8Skye and Liam-5Skye & Liam-184Skye and Liam-11
Skye and Liam-19Skye and Liam-23Skye and Liam-20Skye and Liam-28DPP_1003DPP_1004Skye & Liam-247Skye & Liam-34Skye & Liam-249Skye & Liam-245Skye & Liam-260Skye & Liam-250Skye & Liam-262Skye & Liam-255Skye & Liam-270

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