First look - Stephanie and Paul’s autumn wedding at the Comper Chapel

This wedding was a corker!

Last Friday (after a week of rotten, windy and damp weather) was a beautiful autumnal day - perfect for the stylish wedding of Steph and Paul at the stunning venue of the Comper Chapel within the All Saints Pastoral Centre in Hertfordshire.

More to come, folks but for now, here’s a sneaky peek of the gorgeousness…

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10 Responses to “First look - Stephanie and Paul’s autumn wedding at the Comper Chapel”

  1. Ala says:

    Oh Kim….WOW!!! Simply can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for Friday - these pics are exactly the reason we picked you - amazing! :-)

  2. Phil says:

    Wonderful, can’t wait for the rest!

  3. Steph says:

    We are still away but I had messages telling me to check out your blog! I adore the photos so far- love the one of us in the chapel. You have captured the moment perfectly. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest. Thank you so much and we will speak soon.

  4. Jules says:

    Lovely! A beautiful couple, setting and day!

  5. Denis & Chuck says:

    It looks like it will be a wonderful record of a really fantastic day - and we can’t wait to see the video.

  6. Colin says:

    My goodness! Breathtaking - I am very impressed! Thank you.

  7. Pat says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Looking forward to the rest………………these are so natural and yet……………so stunning!

  8. Gayl says:

    What an amazing set of photos - Steph and Paul you make stunning couple! God bless x

  9. Howard & Danka says:

    WOW !!! brilliant

  10. Kathie says:

    Such beautiful pictures- the photographer is talented and what great subjects - congratulations!! Ala must be so proud!

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