Norfolk has big skies. Because the county is so flat, you get a 180 degree view of the sky when in the open countryside and there’s lots of that here too. After we moved here, I was keen to see what was visible in the sky at night as we are in a rural village with no street lights so light pollution doesn’t cause a problem .

Last night I used my full-frame Sony A7 II and FE 16-35mm f4 lens on a tripod in the garden (and it was freezing!!) and took some long exposures using the 500 method (your focal length – in this case 16mm – divided by 500 = the shutter speed needed for stars to avoid or minimise star trails as the planet moves). These were 30 second exposures.

I’m so chuffed with my first attempt! Most experienced landscape photographers would probably laugh at my pathetic effort, but I LOVE the view of the Milky Way that I’ve managed to capture here. The images after these were all taken in our frosty garden the morning after…

The Milky Way Frost in Norfolk Frost in Norfolk Frost in Norfolk

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