Poundon House in Oxfordshire is a beautiful old house in a small village, surrounded by countryside. There is a wonderful, huge reception marquee which can cater for hundreds of wedding guests so a Poundon House wedding is always a large affair! Being a regular Poundon House wedding photographer, I have a great understanding of the house and grounds and I know all the little photogenic nooks and crannies!

Katy and Sam’s wedding was no exception – and there were loads of details and colours for me to capture, along with a vintage London bus delivering guests for the ceremony, which took place outside on a warm sunny day. After an emotional ceremony, the wedding party took to the grounds where the usual formal shots were taken before Katy and Sam and I going for a small wander for their portrait session before returning them to their party!

The party itself was high energy with a hilarious Powerpoint presentation by the Best Man, followed by frenetic dancing to the DJ and live Indian drummer (which almost blew out my eardrum – that’ll teach me for getting in close for a dynamic shot!). The dancing went on into the night…

Katy and Sam, I wish you all the happiness for your future lives together – and thank you for having me!

Katy & Sam-1 Katy & Sam-3 Katy & Sam-4

Katy & Sam-14 Katy & Sam-15 Katy & Sam-16 Katy & Sam-64 Katy & Sam-96 Katy & Sam-103 Katy & Sam-111 Katy & Sam-130 Katy & Sam-141 Katy & Sam-144 Katy & Sam-161 Katy & Sam-170 Katy & Sam-192 Katy & Sam-237 Katy & Sam-239 Katy & Sam-254a Katy & Sam-262 Katy & Sam-281 Katy & Sam-281h Katy & Sam-283 Katy & Sam-289 Katy & Sam-300d Katy & Sam-301 Katy & Sam-301c Katy & Sam-301f Katy & Sam-301g Katy & Sam-301h Katy & Sam-301j Katy & Sam-364 Katy & Sam-380 Katy & Sam-431 Katy & Sam-439 Katy & Sam-459 Katy & Sam-461 Katy & Sam-471 Katy & Sam-472 Katy & Sam-479 Katy & Sam-482 Katy & Sam-486 Katy & Sam-497 Katy & Sam-499 Katy & Sam-504 Katy & Sam-512

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