In the bleak mid-winter in the UK, it’s always good for me to revisit weddings from sunnier days – and this one was as sunny as they get!

I love destination weddings and have shot a few – so when I was asked by friend and fellow wedding photographer David if I’d like to fly over to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast in Italy and photograph a wedding with him….it wan’t a tough decision! We flew early morning and after dropping off our luggage at our hotel, Friday afternoon was the time for our recce for the wedding in the beautiful village of Positano on the coast and when Saturday arrived, the weather was 24 degrees, bright and sunny – stunning!

Bairbre and Gerard are from Cork in Ireland but fell in love with the Amalfi coast on a previous holiday there (who wouldn’t?) and realised how beautiful it would be to get married there and fly all their friends and families over from Ireland. Here you’ll see all the beautiful details and portraits from this wedding, including some stunning views of Sorrento and Positano. I don’t normally ‘do’ landscapes, but I was inspired by the local scenery and atmosphere, which was absolutely wonderful. The natural light in Positano was exceptional and because there are painted white walls everywhere, every surface acts as a giant softbox, diffusing and spreading the beautiful soft Mediterranean light – as a photographer I was thoroughly spoilt!

Bairbre-&-Gerard-4 Bairbre-&-Gerard-5 Bairbre-&-Gerard-14


Bairbre-&-Gerard-37 Bairbre-&-Gerard-39 Bairbre-&-Gerard-40 Bairbre-&-Gerard-50 Bairbre-&-Gerard-54 Bairbre-&-Gerard-60 Bairbre-&-Gerard-71 Bairbre-&-Gerard-72 Bairbre-&-Gerard-73Bairbre-&-Gerard-84 Bairbre-&-Gerard-86 Bairbre-&-Gerard-86b Bairbre-&-Gerard-86c Bairbre-&-Gerard-88 Bairbre-&-Gerard-88a Bairbre-&-Gerard-93 Bairbre-&-Gerard-101 Bairbre-&-Gerard-141 Bairbre-&-Gerard-152 Bairbre-&-Gerard-181 Bairbre-&-Gerard-231 Bairbre-&-Gerard-231a Bairbre-&-Gerard-231b Bairbre-&-Gerard-233 Bairbre-&-Gerard-235 Bairbre-&-Gerard-242 Bairbre-&-Gerard-243 Bairbre-&-Gerard-245 Bairbre-&-Gerard-249 Bairbre-&-Gerard-257 Bairbre-&-Gerard-264 Bairbre-&-Gerard-265 Bairbre-&-Gerard-271 Bairbre-&-Gerard-272 Bairbre-&-Gerard-283 Bairbre-&-Gerard-284 Bairbre-&-Gerard-288 Bairbre-&-Gerard-294 Bairbre-&-Gerard-301


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