I love arriving at a wedding preparation location and finding out what type of bridal bouquet I’m going to see as there are so many styles, colours and flowers to choose from – and as with weddings, no two bouquets are ever the same! The season, personal favourites, colour co-ordination and many other factors are what help brides decide on the type of flowers they choose for their bouquets but I’ve also photographed bouquets made of other materials, a couple of which you’ll see here.

As well as the standard photograph of the bride holding her bouquet, I always get some shots of the bouquet on its own, set in locations that really bring out the colours and delicacy of the florists’ creation.

So, following on from a recent blog post about my favourite wedding cakes, please enjoy this short voyage through some of the most stunning bridal bouquets I’ve had the pleasure to photograph…

Bouquets-1Robyn chose these flowers to match with her and Jamie’s classic wedding day in Royston. Timeless and elegant, these flowers made a fantastic accessory for Robyn’s stunning antique-styled wedding dress

Bouquets-2Of course roses are the classic flower of love so feature often in bridal bouquets but I’m seeing many other different flowers over the past few years being chosen to compliment them

Bouquets-3 Bouquets-4 Bouquets-5Peonies are my favourite flowers and Beth chose these to feature in her bouquet in a beautiful soft pink colour


Bouquets-7 Bouquets-8This bouquet of Fabi’s was chosen to compliment her and Chris’ slightly more unconventional wedding day and was created skilfully from soft leather – I loved it and it smelt beautiful!

Bouquets-9 Bouquets-10More peonies for this bouquet from a farm/marquee wedding in the country. I chose this location to allow a juxtaposition of the soft delicate flowers against the industrial background of the farm building

Bouquets-11 Bouquets-12A soft summer bouquet for a vintage tea-party wedding in Winsdor

Bouquets-13 Bouquets-14I flew with a colleague to the Scilly Isles to shoot a wedding on Bryher which was a wonderful experience, along with all the great textures and colours for photographs the island offers

Bouquets-15 Bouquets-16 Bouquets-17 Bouquets-18 Bouquets-19 Bouquets-20 Bouquets-21 Bouquets-22 Bouquets-23 Bouquets-24 Bouquets-25 Bouquets-26 Bouquets-27A rainbow of colours and an eclectic mix of flowers for the bridesmaids’ bouquets
Bouquets-28 Bouquets-29 Bouquets-30 Bouquets-31 Bouquets-32This was a bouquet for an autumnal wedding on a farm and I think it was simply stunning with its riot of colour and mix of flowers and berries

Bouquets-33 Bouquets-34This bouquet was completely made from soft silk, bought from the USA and customised by the bride

Bouquets-35 Bouquets-36I love the simplicity and elegance of this understated bouquet, chosen by Sam for her marriage to Chris

Bouquets-37 Bouquets-38Cala lillies have been really popular for bridal bouquets in the past few years and add a lovely splash of colour and drama

Bouquets-39 Bouquets-40 Bouquets-41 Bouquets-42I’m quite often standing up on things or lying on the floor to get the shots I want! My aim is to showcase the beauty and colour of the flowers

Bouquets-43 Bouquets-44

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