I have recently spent a lot of time shooting personal work as I believe it’s the best way to stay fresh and focused with photography. What I find in doing this is that I tend to shoot static objects and landscapes much more than I do as a wedding and portrait photographer, where the emphasis is obviously on people images. There are rarely people in any of my personal work! Having attended a FIND workshop where the emphasis is on more traditional non-digital photography, I’ve also decided that all my personal work going forward will be shot on film cameras and I currently have two – a Pentax 645N medium format (120 roll film) camera and a Canon EOS 3 35mm camera.

I have a relationship with the newly-opened UK Film Lab run by two excellent photographers and a processing company called Snaps in Bournemouth, who between them are giving me stunning results with their film processing and scanning – my images have that ‘film’ look – more mellow and easy on the eye, with greater dynamic range and colour. The images of the classic car show here were shot in bright, harsh midday sun and with all the chrome on display, a digital camera sensor would have really struggled to render the detail but as you see, film nails it!

The first set of images were captured at Scotney Castle, a National Trust property in Kent where we visited and enjoyed a picnic (with lashings of Crabbie’s ginger beer 🙂 on a glorious day recently. The car shots are from our local classic car show and vintage fair in town, held every July. The weather’s usually pretty dire for the show but this year it was fantastic and drew almost the whole town out! Enjoy…

Scotney & Car Show-1 Scotney & Car Show-1a Scotney & Car Show-1b Scotney & Car Show-1c Scotney & Car Show-1d Scotney & Car Show-1e Scotney & Car Show-1f Scotney & Car Show-1g Scotney & Car Show-1h Scotney & Car Show-1j Scotney & Car Show-2 Scotney & Car Show-2a Scotney & Car Show-3 Scotney & Car Show-6 Scotney & Car Show-8 Scotney & Car Show-9 Scotney & Car Show-10 Scotney & Car Show-11 Scotney & Car Show-12 Scotney & Car Show-16 Scotney & Car Show-16a Scotney & Car Show-16b Scotney & Car Show-16c Scotney & Car Show-16e Scotney & Car Show-16f Scotney & Car Show-16g

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