Shelley and Kevin were originally going to have their session in Cambridge but the weather forecast a couple of days before was saying rain – I rang them and suggested Hertford – a place nearby but which also has undercover areas if the need arose. So, the day of the shoot came and predictibly, it was a scorching hot sun and a clear blue sky! Nevertheless, Shelley and Kevin absolutely loved their shoot and having both lived in Hertford some time ago, they weren’t expecting to find as many nooks and crannies as we did. The first place we shot at was the County Hall, with its beautiful arches and natural light, followed by a stroll into town utilising a derelict car dealership, a subway and a bicycle park for locations, among other things!

We stopped halfway in a hidden gem of a tea room and had an old-fashioned pot of tea between us with tea leaves and everything – marvellous! Here are some of their images….

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