Claire and Dudley were married last year but they were disappointed by two aspects of their wedding: 1. It rained…..a lot. 2. The photographer was allocated to them by their hotel and did (if you don’t mind my opinion here folks) a pretty awful job – harsh flash shadows everywhere, staid, traditional images and not very inspiring images generally. So the couple, when planning their renewal of vows ceremony, didn’t want to miss their chance to finally get some stunning images to be placed  within a custom-designed  album. That’s where I came in – they were guests at a wedding I shot last year and booked me to document their second very special day.

Sunday was an awful day for weather to begin with – it was raining and windy and I was beginning to despair of ever getting any shots in the beautiful grounds of this prestigious venue in Ware. However, once the ceremony and the meal was over, the rain stopped and the wind dropped – hooray! Off we went…..

I loved the flowers they chose –  roses and orchids – a beautiful and unusual choice. Claire is also expecting their first child but the dress she wore was exquisite, and showed her bump off perfectly!

Oh, and Fanhams Hall has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten at a wedding – check out the shots of what they (and in the case of the prawn cocktail – I) had to eat…….mmm!

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