I did a pre-wedding shoot with Steph and Matt in London a few months ago – they thoroughly enjoyed it and were thrilled with the resulting images, which I provided to them printed in a pocket coffee table book. We met again a few weeks ago at Hunton Park near Kings Langley to discuss the day and to get an idea of great photographic locations to be used on the day, as I knew I had a very tight timeframe in which to get them. When Saturday arrived, it was not a good day for weather – but it stayed dry for long enough for us to get the most important shots. There is a beautifully light Orangery inside the venue, which I used for some of the group shots – for the one you see here of all the day guests, I was perched on a rickety chair which itself was on top of a wobbly table – it’s a good job I’m insured!

Here are some of their images.

Steph and Matt-16Steph and Matt-22Steph and Matt-40Steph and Matt-55Steph and Matt-77Steph and Matt-83Steph and Matt-90Steph and Matt-92Steph and Matt-100Steph and Matt-130Steph and Matt-133Steph and Matt-150Steph and Matt-152Steph and Matt-159Steph and Matt-171Steph and Matt-181Steph and Matt-219Steph and Matt-225Steph and Matt-234Steph and Matt-237Steph and Matt-241Steph and Matt-242Steph and Matt-245Steph and Matt-246

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