I first met Jeanette and Paul earlier this year when there was thick snow on the ground – fast forward to last Saturday and I met up with Jeanette at the plush Athenaum Hotel in Picaddilly, where she and her bridal party were getting ready. The wedding was going to take place at one of the most famous wedding landmarks in London, Chelsea Register Office, where many a rock star has tied the knot over the years. We took taxis to Chelsea, where Paul was waiting.

After an emotional ceremony and a few group shots on the famous steps, it was all aboard a hired ‘wedding special’ Routemaster bus to the reception venue, a bar called Below Zero off Regent Street. The three of us then had some time to capture some great portrait shots, using as much of London as possible as the backdrop. We also collected big crowds along the way, all clapping and cheering the happy couple! Enjoy these shots of their day.

Jeanette and Paul-5Jeanette and Paul-23bJeanette and Paul-46bJeanette and Paul-54Jeanette and Paul-56Jeanette and Paul-59Jeanette and Paul-61Jeanette and Paul-67Jeanette and Paul-71Jeanette and Paul-81Jeanette and Paul-121Jeanette and Paul-162Jeanette and Paul-164Jeanette and Paul-166Jeanette and Paul-168Jeanette and Paul-173Jeanette and Paul-176eJeanette and Paul-177Jeanette and Paul-183Jeanette and Paul-186Jeanette and Paul-185e

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