Eleni and Tim get married next month at The Barns in Bedford and will be my penultimate wedding of 2009 (unless of course any late bookings come in!) We met on Sunday at Stanborough Lakes in Welwyn Garden City on what was a lovely autumnal afternoon with soft sunshine. We walked around the lakes, stopping when I spotted some likely areas for photo opportunities. I have had it mentioned by clients more than once that my eyes are always darting around looking for places to use for photographs – I mainly look for colour and textures, but sometimes I can’t quite explain why I’m drawn to a particular spot – it just ‘feels’ right.

After the shoot came to an end, I asked Eleni and Tim if there was a shot they particularly wanted that we hadn’t done and Eleni said she’d like one with leaves – the two of them throwing leaves at each other, in fact. Poor old Tim got hundreds thrown at him before I got the shot I wanted!

Anyway, here’s a selection of images from their pre-wedding shoot.

Eleni and Tim-25Eleni and Tim-33Eleni and Tim-37Eleni and Tim-39Eleni and Tim-34Eleni and Tim-54Eleni and Tim-70Eleni and Tim-72Eleni and Tim-75Eleni and Tim-80Eleni and Tim-90bEleni and Tim-91Eleni and Tim-92Eleni and Tim-101Eleni and Tim-106Eleni and Tim-114Eleni and Tim-119Eleni and Tim-123Eleni and Tim-138Eleni and Tim-139

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