There was quite a different feel to this wedding, as it was fairly small and informal, but Amy and Jody are a very funky couple and I loved their outfits! Most of all, I love shooting London weddings, as there are so many interesting locations to use as backdrops for photographs. Amy and Jody both got ready in a lovely little boutique hotel in Smithfield called The Rookery and we all travelled from there to where the ceremony itself took place in the grand surroundings of the Council chambers inside Islington Town Hall. As everyone was waiting for Amy to enter I took the opportunity to sit in the sumptuous Council leader’s chair! After that, the wedding party stayed in Upper Street for lunch and later moved back to a wine bar in Smithfield for the evening party. I got some portrait shots of the two of them after the ceremony in and around Upper Street but also later on in Smithfield which again, is very good for photographs.

Enjoy some of the images from their day.

Amy and Jody-24Amy and Jody-92Amy and Jody-30Amy and Jody-51Amy and Jody-46Amy and Jody-58Amy and Jody-130Amy and Jody-176Amy and Jody-190Amy and Jody-244Amy and Jody-263Amy and Jody-269Amy and Jody-282Amy and Jody-294Amy and Jody-303Amy and Jody-309Amy and Jody-321Amy and Jody-332Amy and Jody-341Amy and Jody-348Amy and Jody-366Amy and Jody-370Amy and Jody-371Amy and Jody-381Amy and Jody-377Amy and Jody-395Amy and Jody-408

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