The wedding of Keira and Matt took place last Saturday in a tiny hamlet called Lemsford, in Hertfordshire. Consisting of little more than a few homes and a primary school and sitting right next to the glamorous Brocket Hall, Lemsford Church is a beautiful place to get married and because it was such a glorious day (again – sorry folks, I know it’s getting boring!) the light flooding into the church was fantastic and made for some great shots while the service was going on.

After the wedding, the couple went for a ride in their carriage drawn by two lovely dappled grey horses and arrived back in time to have some portrait shots taken in and around Lemsford village – I also used the entrance driveway to Brocket Hall, but don’t tell anyone!

Here’s a selection of images from their day.
Keira and Matt wedding-26Keira and Matt wedding-15Keira and Matt wedding-56Keira and Matt wedding-301Keira and Matt wedding-63Keira and Matt wedding-29
Keira and Matt wedding-74b
Keira and Matt wedding-155Keira and Matt wedding-103
Keira and Matt wedding-151Keira and Matt wedding-216
Keira and Matt wedding-221
Keira and Matt wedding-236Keira and Matt wedding-238
Keira and Matt wedding-248Keira and Matt wedding-253
Keira and Matt wedding-268bKeira and Matt wedding-272b
Keira and Matt wedding-274b
Keira and Matt wedding-322b

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