Saturday saw me back in London for the wedding of Camilla and David in the chapel of the Tower of London – one of the most exciting venues at which I’ve ever photographed a wedding.  Added to the excitement of the location, after the ceremony, hundreds of tourists watched and clapped proceedings, and the event was topped by a piper from the London Scottish Regiment playing the bagpipes as we all made our way through the Tower and out into Trinity Square, where we boarded a vintage Routemaster bus back to Camilla and David’s house for the reception.

Just for a change, I’ve posted loads of candid shots here, showing everyone simply enjoying the day.

Camilla and David-1Camilla and David-2Camilla and david-4Camilla and David-5Camilla and David-6Camilla and David-7Camilla and David-8Camilla and David-9Camilla and David-10Camilla and David-11Camilla and David-12Camilla and David-13Camilla and David-14Camilla and David-15Camilla and David-16Camilla and David-17Camilla and David-18Camilla and David-19Camilla and David-20Camilla and David-22Camilla and David-23Camilla and David-24Camilla and David-25Camilla and David-26Camilla and David-27Camilla and David-28

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