Yagnesh and Tina were married in a civil ceremony yesterday and will fly out to India for the religious ceremony in two weeks time. Unfortunately the summer seems to have taken a break in these parts (ie: the UK) as the heavens opened as soon as the ceremony finished. Not to be stopped, however, I captured the group shots whilst standing in the rain with an umbrella balanced under my chin while the guests stayed dry under a glass porch outside the Spirella building – looking at the resulting images you’d never know there was a monsoon happening! At around 8 o’ clock the sun came out and we dashed downstairs to capture some images with the resulting glorious red sky.

Here are some images from the wedding – everybody had a whale of a time, including me!

Yagnesh and Tina-1Yagnesh and Tina-2Yagnesh and Tina-3Yagnesh and Tina-4Yagnesh and Tina-5Yagnesh and Tina-6Yagnesh and Tina-7Yagnesh and Tina-8Yagnesh and Tina-10Yagnesh and Tina-11Yagnesh and Tina-12Yagnesh and Tina-15Yagnesh and Tina-14Yagnesh and Tina-13Yagnesh and Tina-16Yagnesh and Tina-19

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