Last Saturday was another beautiful day, which was just as well as Becki and Matt had set their hearts on an outdoor wedding in the hotel they had chosen as their venue for both the ceremony and reception. The wedding took place in the courtyard of the hotel within a lovely gazebo and after the ceremony we headed off to Rye Gatehouse in Hoddesdon for the group and portrait shots, as the setting is great and offers loads of opportunities for beautiful photographs. Here’s a selection from their special day.

Becki and Matt-34Becki and Matt-344Becki and Matt-38Becki and Matt-52Becki and Matt-36Becki and Matt-71Becki and Matt-47Becki and Matt-59Becki and Matt-75Becki and Matt-184Becki and Matt-117Becki and Matt-320Becki and Matt-219Becki and Matt-209 copy

Becki and Matt-222Becki and Matt-253Becki and Matt-254Becki and Matt-257Becki and Matt-331Becki and Matt-305

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