Debi and Phil were married within the walled garden of Shenley Park in Hertfordshire on Sunday and what  beautiful setting it made with the sunshine beating down. Their sons and daughters were all involved – their daughters were bridesmaids and their sons held the four legs of the Chuppah – the Jewish wedding ‘tent’ under which they took their vows. The food was glorious in its variety and colour – especially the puddings – so I’ve included a couple of shots of those. See if your mouth waters at the sight of the strawberries!

Debi and Phil-13Debi and Phil-18Debi and Phil-53Debi and Phil-42Debi and Phil-28Debi and Phil-26Debi and Phil-74Debi and Phil-180Debi and Phil-174Debi and Phil-190Debi and Phil-193Debi and Phil-194Debi and Phil-219Debi and Phil-221Debi and Phil-230Debi and Phil-231Debi and Phil-237Debi and Phil-248Debi and Phil-57Debi and Phil-257Debi and Phil-278

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