I have today launched a brand new dynamic slideshow feature on my website, which you can access from the main home page via the ‘slideshow’ link. It actually carries proofing images from pre-wedding shoots or weddings but displays them as a slideshow with music.

The added features of this are in the bottom right hand corner of the slideshow window as shown here – you can choose to view the whole show or pick your own starting place by clicking the thumbnail icon (four squares). The next button allows you to pause the show and perhaps go and make yourself a nice cup of tea and then play the show again.  The arrow icon allows you to start the show afresh – finally, the email button – this allows you to send the link of the slideshow directly to whoever you like so they can watch and enjoy the images too! Added to this, if the music gets a bit tiresome, you have the option to click the graphic equaliser icon bottom left which will let you once more enjoy the silence! 

I will be regularly adding more slideshows as my pre-wedding shoots and weddings are completed, so make sure you check back if you are a couple whose wedding I am shooting!

Slideshow pic

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